Reading list#

What is this Reading list?

The reading list contains all the suggestions for what to read or watch, contributed by members of the Data Ethics Club community. We choose from this list what to vote on to discuss for future meetings. We’d also love it if this reading list was useful for other people in starting their own journal clubs, or for any other purpose.

We would love suggestions for new reading materials, or better ways to categorise them (open an issue or email us).


  • 🎤 = audio only

  • 🕰️ = waiting for paper to drop

  • ✅ = we’ve discussed it

  • 🔒 = Not Open access

  • 📺 = Watching/Listening material

  • [1] = A longer piece of work, we’d need to choose a chapter or section.

  • [2] = A shorter piece of work, perhaps to combine with something else

Note: reading materials appear once in the category we felt they fit best.

What is data ethics?#

Moral philosophy for data science#

The nature of data and algorithms#

Data science in our daily lives#

Algorithmic decision making#

History of data science#

Environmental costs and considerations#

Privacy and surveillance#

Data ethics in the private and public sectors#

Data science and research culture#

Ethics in action (the good and the not so good)#

Field Specific#

Natural Language Processing (NLP)#

Computer vision#

Explainable AI/ML#