Data Ethics Club meeting 12th May 21, 13:00-14:00 BST#

Meeting info#


You’re welcome to join us for our next Data Ethics Club meeting on Wednesday 12th May at 1pm BST. You don’t need to register, just pop in. This time we’re going to watch/read Critical Perspectives on Computer Vision by Emily Denton, which is a 20 minute presentation from NeurIPS 2019.

Natalie suggested this week’s content, and Nina will be leading this week’s meeting.

Discussion points#

There will be time to talk about whatever we like, relating to the paper, but here are some specific questions to think about while you’re reading.

  • Denton talks about the ‘view from nowhere’ as a “neutral” perspective of research, and specifically data annotation. If you were building a new dataset right now, what could you do, or what have you done previously, to address this?

  • Denton discusses the implications of biological essentialism. Many areas of research have ‘controlled for’ gender and race/ethnicity for a long time - is this the most useful way to understand differences between people?

  • What current applications of computer vision can we think of that are currently in use? What implications might these have for people’s lives?