Data Ethics Club meeting 25-08-21, 13.00-14.00 UK time#

Meeting info#


You’re welcome to join us for our next Data Ethics Club meeting on Wednesday 25-08-21, 13.00-14.00 UK time. You don’t need to register, just pop in. This time we’re going to watch/read “Participant” Perceptions of Twitter Research Ethics by Casey Fiesler and Nicholas Proferes, which is an academic paper about how twitter users feel about their tweets being used for research.

Thank you to Natalie for suggesting this week’s content, and to Nina, who’ll be leading this week’s meeting.

Discussion points#

There will be time to talk about whatever we like, relating to the paper, but here are some specific questions to think about while you’re reading.

  • When should informed consent be relevant to the collection of public data? Does it depend on the type of data (e.g. images of our faces, our tweets) or the purpose (profit, research)? Is it possible for people to have bad reasons for preferring privacy? Are there circumstances in which peoples wishes for privacy or anonymity in public data be purposefully diregarded?

  • To what extent do you (dis)agree with the conclusions in “Implications for Practice and Design”?

  • Are there any results in the paper that surprise you?