Data Ethics Club meeting 20-10-21, 1pm-2pm UK time#

Meeting info#


You’re welcome to join us for our next Data Ethics Club meeting on Wednesday the 20th October at 1pm-2pm UK time. You don’t need to register, just pop in. This time we’re going to watch/read Towards decolonising computational sciences which is a paper by Abeba Birhane and Olivia Guest - relevant to this week’s (UK) headlines and for UK Black History Month.

Discussion points#

There will be time to talk about whatever we like, relating to the paper, but here are some specific questions to think about while you’re reading.

  • Q1: What does it mean to decolonise something?

  • Q2: What did you find the most and least persuading argument in this paper?

  • Q3: What could you/your organisation do to decolonise data science/data analysis/computer science? (If it’s not relevant to your role, then what would you do as a data scientist?)