Data Ethics Club meeting 08-02-23, 1pm UK time#

Meeting info#


You’re welcome to join us for our next Data Ethics Club meeting on 25th January at 1pm UK time. You don’t need to register, just pop in.

We’re talking about Chat-GPT3! This week we’re reading ChatGPT listed as author on research papers: many scientists disapprove : a Nature news article by Chris Stokel-Walker about ChatGPT3 and the effect it’s already having on on the world of scientific publishing.

As always, we have some discussion points to get us started, but you can always go off-piste:

  1. Should use of an AI tool for writing be obvious when you are reading something?

  2. What would you use generative AI for in your work?

  3. What are the dangers of using generative AI for conducting research?

We really look forward to seeing you!