Data Ethics Club meeting 25-10-23, 1pm UK time#

Meeting info#


Please join us for our next Data Ethics Club meeting on Wednesday 25th October at 1pm UK time. You don’t need to register, just pop in!

This time we’re going to discuss How influencer ‘mumpreneur’ bloggers and ‘everyday’ mums frame presenting their children online by Catherine Archer, which is a paper about about the attitudes of regular and influencer mothers towards sharing images and information about their children online.

Discussion points#

There will be time to talk about whatever we like, relating to the paper, but here are some specific questions to think about while you’re reading.

  • What (if anything) concerned or surprised you about the attitudes of everyday mums? Why?

  • How effective are the tactics used by each group for maintaining children’s privacy in your opinion?

  • Do you have any comments on the research itself, e.g. limitations or things you would have liked to see?