Accessibility and Inclusivity#

We want everyone to feel welcome to both attend and contribute to Data Ethics Club. We currently take the following actions to ensure this, but we are always looking for more ways to make Data Ethics Club accessible and inclusive and we would love your feedback.


  • Enable closed captioning in our Zoom meetings.

    • We would welcome advice on how to make this work for breakout rooms too, please contact us if you have advice.

  • Run meetings at times that work well for most people. This tends to be 1-2pm GMT since it lies in the middle of the work day for those in adjacent time-zones, which allows for those who need to do school drop-offs or attend over lunch breaks.

  • Enable people to participate in the Zoom meetings via text only.

  • Ensure there is alt text (read about alt-text here) for all images used on the website.

  • Try to make sure that hyperlinks are used in a way that is easy to use with a screen reader. Read here about why it is important to appropriately label hyperlinks. (This is something we are still implementing so tell us if you spot somewhere this could be improved!)

  • When choosing audio or video discussion items, give preference to items with transcripts and/or closed captioning available.


  • Share our Code of Conduct at each meeting.

  • Aim to have one Data Ethics Club organiser in each break out room in case the Code of Conduct is not adhered to.

  • Use gender neutral language by default.

  • Assign breakout rooms in meetings randomly so that most people meet someone new each session. This aims to make it less intimidating for new attendees as well as encouraging a broader exposure to different ideas for regular attendees.

  • Choose reading items that do not require payment, or provide those that do.