Data Ethics Club meeting structure#

This an outline of how we usually structure meetings. Meetings are typically 1 hour.

5 mins
🟢 Allow people to trickle in and say hi.

  • You can use this time to link to the HackMD document and let people introduce themselves there.

5 mins
👋 Welcome everyone to the meeting.

  • Once everyone has arrived, invite a 3 minute summary of the content for discussion (not everyone will have had a chance to read it). If no one volunteers you may need to do this yourself!

  • Post a link to the Code of Conduct and the HackMD collaborative document and do a quick reminder of any key points. For example, if there are new people, you can ask people to use the “put hand up” feature to answer if they read the paper this week. This is an opportunity to check if people can use the feature and a reminder to make space for people to talk. The introduction of the HackMD document serves as a reminder of what to say if you get lost.

  • Allocate people randomly into breakout rooms, with 5-6 people in each group.

30 mins
💬 Everyone chats in their breakout rooms. Keep an eye on the main room for any latecomers who need to be assigned to a breakout room.

15 mins
💬💬💬 Bring everyone back to the main room and invite summaries from each group. Hopefully this will provoke some discussion (we usually find we run out of time because of it!). The facilitator should chair this part of the meeting to make sure that all groups get a chance to feed back.

5 mins
📊 Run a feedback poll - we use Zoom’s poll feature. We usually ask:

  • Did the material provoke interesting discussion?

  • Would you recommend this piece to another group?

  • Vote on what to discuss next time (from a shortlist).