Using the all-contributors bot#

Contributions can be lots of different things, and so we use All Contributors to capture a variety of contribution types. These include suggesting material, fixing broken links, organising and producing artwork. To suit our purposes weโ€™ve made slight changes to the emoji key.

All Contributors provides a GitHub bot that makes it easy to add new contributors. To use it, comment in an issue or pull-request something like:

@all-contributors please add @NatalieThurlby for eventOrganizing  

The bot will then set up a pull-request (PR) to add the named person to the contributors list, and the PR will update the list of contributors at the bottom. We have an open issue that we use to call the all-contributors bot.

Some people arenโ€™t on GitHub of course, so to add them to the contributions list you can manually edit the file .all-contributorsrc by adding the following object to the list:

      "login": "",
      "name": "FirstName SecondName",
      "avatar_url": "",
      "profile": "",
      "contributions": [

This personโ€™s contribution will then show up the next time you use the bot to add someone to the repo.

All Contributers emoji key#

The slightly edited emoji key that we use is:
๐Ÿ–‹ (content) for submitting suggestions to the โ€œreadingโ€ list (suggestions can be any medium!)
๐Ÿ’ฌ (question) for leading the discussion in a meeting
๐Ÿ“ (blog) for writing in the HackMD in a meeting
๐Ÿ“‹ (eventOrganizing) for organising
๐Ÿค” (ideas) for ideas and planning of the group
๐ŸŽจ (design) for visual design (e.g. logo)
๐Ÿš‡ (infrastructure) for infrastructure (e.g. bots, CI)
๐Ÿšง (maintenance) for repository maintenance (e.g. fixing links)