How to add and sync a new HackMD document#

We use HackMD documents in meetings for people to record some of the main points coming out of the small group discussions. This is because we don’t always have a facilitator in every room so its a way to make sure we still include all the groups discussions in our write up.

  • [ ] Create a new HackMD, copy in, or if already saved then select, the template, and edit the links to this week’s content.

  • [ ] Give the HackMD document a shortened name for easy sharing (open the share tab, edit the box to something like DEC-bropenscience, and click “save”).

  • [ ] After editing, to sync the HackMD document to GitHub:

  • [ ] First save a version: go to Options (three dots) -> Versions and GitHub sync -> Save as Version -> name the version something descriptive (such as “setup” or “before meeting”)

  • [ ] Second push to GitHub: click Push to GitHub. If you see a message about linebreaks, choose Switch Now (read more about that here). Choose the repository and branch, and under Select File, choose to create a new file on GitHub with a name of the form

  • [ ] Make sure that the HackMD document has the right permissions we turn on reading, writing and commenting for everyone, so that people don’t need to sign in.

How to make a HackMD template#

If you make a HackMD account you can add a template to your account so that you can reuse it every time instead of copy and pasting it across.
First, make a new document as usual using the template.
Now click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of the HackMD window and select the option Save as Template.
Once you have followed these instructions you will be able to re-use this template easily each time.